Content Management Services (CMS)

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What is a CMS?

  • Today's websites need to have dynamic content.  As the business grows,  customers to change their own content.  trueITpros, LLC quickly realized this need, but we also understand that most users are not web programmers or have the time to learn HTML programming.
  • We developed a CMS that is as easy to use as Microsoft Word.  Using your current email address, you can login to our CMS and edit your website.  You can change pictures, update text, or delete old information quickly and easily.   
  • Anyone with a login and edit their website plus add features such as bolding, italics, bullet points and more.  However, your web designer need not fear because any styles they have set for your website (to keep the look and feel) of the overall site are kept intact.
  • Want to try it?  Contact us at to see it in action.